Un-cruise Adventures

Un-cruise Adventures, formerly American Safari Cruises specializes in intimate, active, deluxe cruises on Seven yachts. Itineraries focus on close-up viewing of wildlife, fine dining, and activities such as kayaking, beachcombing, hiking, snorkeling, sailing, and exploration by motorized Zodiac inflatables. Each Un-cruise is offered at one inclusive price, so all premium wines and liquors, exclusive shore excursions, and off-yacht meals and activities are included. American Safari Cruises offers an alternative to traditional large- and small-ship cruises by taking guests into areas that are not accessible to most larger ships, and on excursions and to activities that are exclusive, private, and unavailable to most other travelers.

Un-cruise was founded in 1996 to provide up-scale luxurious yacht cruises in Alaska's Inside Passage. The first season was in 1997 with a single yacht. In 1998, the company added a second yacht and a second Alaska itinerary. In 1999/2000, the company completed major refitting and interior redesign, adding staterooms on both yachts. The total cost was approximately $1 million per yacht. A third yacht was added to the fleet in 2001.

American Safari Cruises main office is located in Seattle, Washington, at historic Fishermen's Terminal. American Safari Cruises operates yachts in Alaska's Inside Passage, Mexico’s Sea of Cortés, on the Pacific Northwest's Columbia & Snake Rivers, throughout the islands of Hawaii, and the islands and fjords off the coast of Washington and British Columbia.

Their yachts travel only during the day so guests miss nothing along the way. They anchor every night in pristine coves or dockside in small villages so guests can explore by water and on foot.

In Alaska and Mexico’s Sea of Cortés, daytime cruising to secluded islands and seldom-visited areas yield unique opportunities to experience, by kayak, launch or on foot, a rich variety of wildlife and local cultures.

In the Pacific Northwest, guests enjoy unique art tours and wine tastings. The crew includes a professional naturalist/expedition leader who organizes activities and provides presentations on the day's sights and activities, and a gourmet chef who serves up fine food and fresh-baked goods. With so few guests, the itinerary is flexible and can be altered at a moment's notice to maximize wildlife and scenic viewing opportunities.

The Fleet - ASC operates 7 ships, three that emphasize Active Adventures, three that specialize in Luxury Adventures, and one oriented to Heritage Adventures. They range in size from 22 to 88 guests. For complete details on all ships CLICK HERE.

Life on board - casual atmosphere on all ships. The ships designated Luxury Adventure have slightly larger cabins and pride themselves on their gourmet food. For a complete description of the whole concept that is branded "The Uncruise" CLICK HERE.

Cost - the fleet is divided into two distinct price points - the Luxury Adventure and Heritage Adventure ($600 to $900 per person per night) and the Active Adventure ships are generally ($300 to $500 pp pn). These prices are for mid level cabins as the lowest level might be too small for some couples.

Sample itineraries - with seven ships and a number of different locations the itinerary list is quite long. Here are some samples: