Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Expeditions is a luxury cruise ship operator. They have two ships that sail the Amazon river in Peru and, soon, a new ship on the Mekong river in Viet Nam and Cambodia. The company's purpose is to transport passengers to some of the wildest remote spots on earth while pampering them with luxurious surroundings. There is a serious element of soft adventure (shore excursions in the jungle and small boat rides in jungle choked streams) and you will definitely encounter many birds, fish, and animals in the wild that you probably have never seen in a zoo.

The Ships - are small - the two in the Amazon accommodate 24 or 36 guests. The new one in SE Asia is a bit larger - holds 40 guests. Cabins are large - 230 to 240 square feet and have large picture windows so you have an excellent view of the river from your cabin.

Atmosphere on board - gourmet meals, a comfortable lounge for discussions and talks, and a crew dedicated to your comfort and to helping introduce you to the world of the Amazon are all part of the experience.

Itineraries - Aqua Expeditions offers 3, 4, and 7 night itineraries on the Peruvian Amazon. The experience varies with the season - low water and high water. During low season there is more opportunity to get off the ship and hike the jungle (the paths are drier). In high water season the small excursion skiffs can make their way up the smaller steams. For a more detailed review of the issues CLICK HERE.

Cost - luxury, especially luxury in remote places like the Amazon, is expensive - 4950 to $1000 per person per night.

Sample Itineraries - here are a couple of detailed itineraries