Baja Cruises

Baja cruises just seemed to require a page of their own. They are not really US Coastal - the Sea of Cortes and the Baja Penninsula are part of Mexico. The area is too far away to be considered part of the Caribbean Cruises group.

Aside from its geographical isolation, the area is also biologicallly unique. Whales come here to breed at certain times of the year. Giant Manta Rays are often seen. It's geography is also unique - where else does the desert meet the sea so dramatically?

The uniqueness and beauty of the area, the warm weather, and the interesting sea life has attracted a number of cruiselines to this spot.

Cruiselines offering Baja cruises include:

Un-cruise Adventures - after summers in Alaska, the Baja is a great spot to spend the winter. Un-cruise Adventures really small ships are ideal - they will fit in any port in the area.

Lindblad Expedtions - offers serious expedition cruising to this part of the world.