Cruise North Expeditions

Cruise North Expeditions operates a single ship, Sea Adventurer, which accommodates 118 passengers. The ship is specially designed for arctic expedition cruising. Her ice-strengthened hull permits her to glide easily and safely through ice-strewn waters that are not accessible to conventional cruise vessels.

On board experience - the ship was built in 1976 and renovated in 2010. She was formerly the Clipper Adventurer. She is a handsome expedition vessel, done in the style of great ocean liners when ships were ships. With lots of varnished wood, brass, and wooden decks, the ship has all new outside cabins, with lower beds and private facilities.There is a Main Lounge, bar, Clipper Club, library/card room, gymnasium and gift shop. As with expedition ships in general, cabins are not large but, since the renovation, they are quite comfortable. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style and dinner is served a la carte. Where ever possible, local favorites are included on the menu.

Destinations - Cruise North really specializes in the Arctic and, even more specifically the Eastern Arctic. There is probably nobody better able to introduce you to the people, history, wildlife, and geography of the Arctic than Cruise North.

Pricing - a middle of the ship cabin is priced at $500 to $700 per person per night.

Evaluation - While the company doesn't have the reputation of Lindblad and National Geographic, they are specialists in the Arctic. There are lots of companies sailing to the Antarctic but only a few addressing the Arctic. Their ship is purpose built and very well suited to the expeditions they offer. They are offering expedition cruising - opportunities to learn and experience out-of-the-way locations. It should be said that their passengers must be reasonably active and prepared for some level of adventure. An example to set the tone - they strongly suggest (let's say require) everyone to have rubber boots. It is common that you may be stepping into ankle deep water when landing on one of the islands they explore.

Itineraries - there are several sample itineraries below: