Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin cruises has long been known for their luxury ship in the South Seas, The Gauguin. They have recently added a second ship, Tere Moana, that spends it's time in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. The Gauguin will accommodate 332 guests while the Tere Moana is limited to 90 passengers.

Both ships are classed as all inclusive luxury experiences - drinks and gratuities are included but not shore excursions. There is a staff of lecturers who bring the destinations to life. In the South Seas and the Caribbean there are lectures about ocean life and the culture of the islanders. When the Tere Moana is in the Mediterranean, the lecture series is more focused on culture and history.

Life on Board - The Gauguin offers a variety of entertainment largely focused on talent from the South Seas. She also has a casino and several small lounges and piano bars. The Tere Moana has a small lounge featuring piano music. Cabins on both ships are large - on The Gauguin they range from 200 to 534 sq ft and on the Tere Moana 194 to 205 sq ft.

Dining - as with all luxury lines, Paul Gauguin is very proud of it's food - made from the freshest ingredients by skilled chefs with a desire to convince every guest that it is the best meal they have ever eaten. The main dining room is only open for dinner - breakfast and lunch are served in the alternative restaurants.

Activities - both ships have sports decks that emphasize water sports. The Gauguin in the South Seas has an optional scuba certification program and both ships carry a small fleet of zodiacs to facilitate getting off the ship and out into the water. The Gauguin offers the Ambassadors of the Environment Youth Program. It is the brain child of Jean-Michel Cousteau and its aim is to educate young people (ages 9 to 17) an appreciation of the environment through hands on experiences with marine and island eco-systems.

Itineraries - typically small ship oriented - call on the smaller ports that the big ships don't. The Gauguin spends most all of her time in the South Seas. The exceptions are a few trips that include South East Asia (Singapore and Bali) and the northern tip of Australia. The Tere Moana stays in the Mediterranean during the summer and sails the southern Caribbean in the winter.

Cost - on the Tere Moana range from $350 per person per night in a window (194 sq ft) stateroom to $550 pp pn for a balcony cabin. The Gauguin is more expensive at $600 to $900 per person per night.

Sample Itineraries - from South Seas, Mediterranean, and Caribbean.

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