Pearl Seas Cruises

Pearl Seas Cruses is a sister company to American Cruise Lines. They are a little more upscale and their ship is a little larger (200 passengers) but they have the same commitment to large cabins, excellent food and service. Their itineraries focus on Canada (St. Lawrence and the Maritimes), New England, and, in the winter, the Caribbean.

The Ship - the Pearl Mist is brand new in 2014 (maiden voyage in June 2014). There are 108 cabins - all with private balconies and the smallest of them is over 300 sq ft (the largest is 580 sq ft).

Life on Board - dress is resort casual (no need for suits or ties). There is a complimentary cocktail hour each day before dinner - in fact almost all beverages are included at all times. As mentioned above, staterooms are exceptionally large and there is no decision about upgrading to a balcony cabin - they all have balconies. All cruises will have at least two guest lecturers who can bring to life the history and ecology of the various ports visited.

Shore Excursions - are included at every port and are designed to meet the interests of different passengers.

Cost - the basic cabin will cost between $500 and $600 per person per night. When you consider that the base cabin is over 300 sq ft and has a private balcony there is not much incentive to price out the mid-level cabin. Also when you look at included shore excursions, included drinks, and the luxury atmosphere, the fare actually looks reasonable.

Itineraries - the focus is mostly in the north - some sailings on the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence, the Canadian Maritimes, and New England. They will throw in an East Coast voyage from time to time and eventually the ship will be in the Caribbean during the winter. Some examples are: