Sailing Ship Cruises

While most of our catagories are actual destinations, we thought it would be worthwhile to give you quick and easy access to a several groups of small ship cruiselines with paticular characteristics. Certainly sailing ship cruises is one of those common characteristics.

The ships operated by these three cruiselines are ships built in the twenties or thirties (Windjammer), ships built recently but carefully designed copies of actual sailing ships (Star Clipper), or modern ships that have sails for looks or auxiliary power (Wind Star).

When you read about small ships not being about the ship but what goes on off the ship - these are the exception to the rule. Like the paddlewheel steamers, these ships will take you back in time to experience the Age of Sail.

Cruise lines that offer sailing experiences include:

Star Clippers - operates three sailing ships built in modern times to be faithful replicas of turn of the century ships. They are powered first by their sails and will only use their engines when absolutly necessary.

Windstar - has three modern (built in the 90's) motor sailing yachts (MSY). While they depend primarily on their motors to get about, their sails are all computer controlled and can be deployed in a matter of minutes by pushing a button on the bridge.