Silversea bills itself as an ultra luxury cruise line. They have always offered an "everything's included" atmosphere - in fact they take it a step further than any other line - if you have a favorite cereal or brand of liquor that you prefer, let them know ahead of time and they will make sure its on board before you are.

Ships - they operate seven ships - two carry 300 guests, two a few more at 382 and one, the newest, has a capacity of 540. The other two ships are part of Silversea Expeditions. The Silver Explorer is purpose built for the cold waters of the Arctic and Antarctica and holds 132 guests. The Silver Galapagos sails primarily to the Galapagos (thus the name) and holds 100 guests.

Accommodations - all cabins on all ships are large (the smallest is about 200 sq ft) and ocean view - many with balconies. The suites are spectacular - large and beautifully decorated.

Destinations - the company truly covers the world with their seven ships. The five larger ships concentrate on the standard itineraries with a small ship flavor - time spent in the smaller ports not frequented by the mega ships. Of the expedition ships, the Silver Galapagos stays in the Galapagos. The Silver Explorer emphasizes the cold waters - Arctic, Antarctica, Greenland, South America around Patagonia - but also she spends some time sailing around the British Isles and the west coast of Africa. All itineraries offer a wide variety of shore excursions. The expedition cruises will put emphasis on plants and animals.

Cost - as you might expect with an ultra luxury line the fares are not cheap however, when you consider that the least of the cabins is pretty comfortable and that all cabins are ocean view, you can almost be happy with the "from" price. A comfortable cabin on most voyages will go for $400 to $600 per person per night. Suites will run $1600 to over $2000.

Evaluation - it would be hard to find a more luxurious environment than Silversea. The level of service, accommodations, food and entertainment will equal or exceed any cruise company sailing today.

Itineraries - with five ships covering the world and two devoted to specialized expedition cruising the itinerary list is very long. Here are a few samples:

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