South Pacific Cruises

So, exactly where will a South Pacific cruse sail? Our definition of area includes everything east of Southeast Asia and south of Japan. That's all of the south seas islands, Australia, and New Zealand.

There is a surprisingly wide array of choices in this area - some cruises are focused on the same thing that brings people to the Caribbean - sun, sand, and surf (well maybe snorkeling and diving too). Others emphasize culture and history (including some very intersting WWII veterans itineraries).

Cruise lines sailing these waters include:

Lindblad Expeditions - also emphasizes culture and ecology.

Orion Expeditions - has a cultural and ecology emphasis but combines the characteristics of a luxury line with a penchant for soft adventure.

Paul Gauguin - The m/s Paul Gauguin was designed specifically to sail the shallow seas of Tahiti, the South Pacific, and Southeast Asia, visiting small ports that larger ships can't reach and effortlessly blending into the stunning natural beauty.