Travel Dynamics

Travel Dynamics operates 2 ships that sail worldwide itineraries. They are one of the leading operators of high-caliber educational programs aboard small cruise ships. Offering customized voyages guided by distinguished scholars and experts, Travel Dynamics International caters to the traveler with a keen intellectual interest in history, culture, and nature.

The commitment to education is evident in the well designed, included in the price, shore excursions and the slate of quality lecturers on each cruise. A particular cruise might alight one day beside the ruins of a 3,000-year-old city, and beside a classic village with its rustic traditions the next.

In the morning or evening of our excursion, guest lecturers hold court about the places we’re seeing—what they were, how they came to be and why they matter to us. The brain trust runs the entire gamut of the arts and sciences—renowned professors of mythology, archaeology, literature, classics, religion, geology and astrophysics, as well as journalists, authors, diplomats and artists. Selected as much for their expertise as for their warmth, conviviality and presentation style, Travel Dynamics onboard discussants help you draw personal resonances as you explore the world.

The Ships - one of the ships, Corinthian (100 guests), is a refurbished luxury small ship with very large cabins (215 sq ft is the smallest) and luxury appointments. The other ship, Yorktown, carries 138 guests. It is refurbished with luxury appointments but has smaller cabins associated with soft adventure ships.

Life on Board - dress is casual, dining is a buffet for breakfast and lunch but a full five course dinner each evening, service is exceptional. The emphasis is on experiencing the destination through on board lectures and included shore excursions. Many companies have an education orientation but Travel Dynamics takes care to offer the very best including names that you may know - Jared Diamond, Karen Armstrong, Paul Volker, and Bill Moyers.

The Itineraries - the Corinthian spends most of her time in the Mediterranean (with side trips to Antarctica and South America) while the Yorktown emphasizes eastern North America and some winter time in the Caribbean. Samples are: