US Coastal Cruises

When you look at the shore line of any country you will see many islands and bays that are interesting but too small to attract the attention of the big cruise ships. The United States is no exception. US Coastal Cruises are offered by a number of companies.

A case could be made that Alaska is mostly a US coastal cruise but, for our purposes, we have included Alaska under its own heading. Conversely, we have included the Baja Penninsula in US coastal cruises while it technically should be part of Mexican coastal cruises. It's just a function of not having enough Mexican cruises to have a section of their own.

By clicking on the cruiseline links below, you can explore these fascinating voyages.

Cruiselines offering US Coastal Voyages:

American Cruise Lines - also an east coast company. They emphasize the intracoastal and islands in the northeast. The dress and atmosphere is casual and the emphasis is on learning and discovery. Specially arranged shore excursions insure that you will not miss the scenery, museums, galleries, landscapes and wildlife in each port.

Blount Small Ship Adventures - cruises all along the eastern seaboard from Florida to Canada. The itineraries are varied and interesting.

Pearl Seas Cruises - has a new ship (first voyage spring of 2014) that holds 200 passengers. They are a sister company to American Cruise Line. Their ship has very large cabins and their orientation is casual luxury.

The Yachts of Seabourn - offers small ship luxury cruising on the East Coast.