US River Cruises

Small ship cruising on the World's rivers is very popular. US river cruises allow intimate contact with the country as it is today and a peek into the past when most of our commerce and much of our personal travel was by river boat. Mississippi river cruises in the midwest, Columbia river cruises in the west, and New Orleans river cruises in the south are just some of the many possibilities.

Different cruiselines emphasize different aspects of the river cruise experience. Some operate replicas of 1800's paddlewheel steamships and offer a very authentic view of the time when those ships were popular. Others cruise the canals of the Northeast in modern, innovative ships. Still others follow the rivers of the heartland celebrate it's music and history.

For a relaxing, informative trip close to home, US river cruises are hard to beat.

The cruiselines that sail US rivers include:

Blount Small Ship Adventures - operates mostly in the east. Also offers coastal voyages and Caribbean cruises and are one of very few operators that sail the Great Lakes. Their ships are specifically designed for the cruises they offer with many innovations not available on other ships.

American Cruise Line - another east coast company - lots of itineraries through the canals and rivers of the Northeast.

American Queen Steamship - is a single paddlewheel steamship that sails the rivers of mid America - Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Lindblad Expeditions - while known for their more exotic cruises, Lindblad does have several interesting and informative trips right in our own back yard.