Voyages of Discovery

Voyages of Discovery is well named considering their business goals. Their website summarizes their philosophy:


The key to a Voyages of Discovery cruise is simplicity itself – see more, do more. So you’ll discover some of the great cities and monuments from the ancient and modern worlds. And along the way, you’ll also share the stories and insights not everyone gets to see. Our renowned guest speakers unlock the secrets, while our ship Voyager is the perfect way to get to any destination.

Small enough to reach out-of-the-way ports, yet large enough to make light work of crossing the great oceans, Voyager avoids the excesses of today’s mega-liners. Instead she has been expressly conceived for our special brand of discovery cruising to create an atmosphere on board that is friendly and relaxed.

During our voyage you will be accompanied by around 550 like-minded passengers on Voyager. Complementing the talks given by our own lecturers, who will preview the destinations ahead, the program features historians, explorers, naturalists and diplomats, who will share their expertise, anecdotes and interests with you.

The Ship - MV Voyager is new to Voyages of Discovery - she was built in 1990 and was most recently part of Cunard's fleet. She was completely renovated in 2012. The ship will accommodate 556 passengers in comfortable staterooms. There are two regular dining facilities and one reservations only speciality restaurant. At 500 ft in length the ship is small enough to visit some of the smaller ports not frequented by big ships yet small enough to provide cozy venue so important to enrichment cruising.

The Cabins - there are 30 balcony cabins - quite a lot for a small older ship. The smaller inside and outside cabins are 130 sq ft which is a little small but still comfortable. The bulk of cabins are about 160 sq ft which compares favorably with larger ships today.

Life on Board - dress is country club casual. Dining is open seating in 3 restaurants. Entertainment is primarily lectures and conversation - there is no casino and no Las Vegas style shows. Service is attentive and often described as "friendly". As you might expect from a ship that focuses on enrichment, the shore excursions are a highlight that gets a great deal of emphasis.

Cost - with such an extensive voyage calendar and the many different categories of cabins, there is quite a variation of prices between cabins and voyages. You will find some voyages that will offer a middle of the road ocean view cabin for less that $150 per person per night but, more commonly, you should expect $200 to $250 pp pn.

Itineraries - vary widely - Mediterranean, Far East, and South America are common. Voyages are not repeated back to back - if you miss the Adriatic cruise this year, you will probably have to wait till next year to have it come around again. Some examples are: